Local author to celebrate release of new book with launch party and book signing

Jami Christine

Jami Christine Papenberg (Heidel), of Red Bud, author of the young adult fiction The Transcendent, is excited to share her first non-fiction, Transcend Your Story, which will be released on Nov. 11.

The idea for Transcend Your Storystarted as a guide for aspiring authors to take a deeper look at their own traumas and tragedies in life, or their personal “Dark Night of the Soul,” and transform it into their own fiction novel that can both entertain as well as inspire and uplift, similarly to how Jami wrote The Transcendent. As Jami began writing the guide, however, she realized that her story could inspire more than just aspiring authors. She hopes her book finds its way into the hands of anyone who’s been on a healing journey, and inspires them to look at their story with positivity, gratitude and growth.

For more on Jami’s new book, please see this week’s print edition.