Monday’s total solar eclipse drew delighted crowds to local area

TOTALLY WORTH IT–Clear skies provided an excellent viewing opportunity Monday afternoon for the total solar eclipse in the local area. Pictured is the eclipse as totality was ending over Red Bud. For more pictures from the eclipse, please see this week’s print edition.

WATCHING THE ECLIPSE–People traveled from all over to be able to see Monday’s total solar eclipse. Pictured checking out the eclipse at the “That’s Shady” eclipse party held at Lincoln Park in Red Bud is six year old Ezra Lehrbaum of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He and his family were very excited to see the eclipse here.

Monday afternoon, the local area was blessed with a special “twice in a lifetime” total solar eclipse.

While many were worried if the weather would play nice and if the skies would be clear for this rare celestial event, the conditions ended up being perfect for viewing here. This caused traffic in the area to be backed up leading up to and then again following the eclipse as people headed to eclipse viewing parties within the band of totality.

Red Bud, as well as a good chunk of southern Illinois, was in the path of totality for both the Aug. 21, 2017 eclipse and the Monday, April 8 eclipse.

For more on the eclipse, please see this week’s print edition.