Large increase in local COVID-19 deaths, vaccination update given

While there has been an increase in those being vaccinated, sadly, there has also been a large increase in the amount of lives lost locally to COVID-19 within a short amount of time. 

Randolph County Health Department Administrator Angela Oathout has reported 17 additional deaths since Christmas. Three were reported on Dec. 28, seven on Dec. 29 and seven more on Jan. 5.

This brings the total number of people lost to COVID-19 in Randolph County to 60.

In her Jan. 5 report, Oathout noted that there were 163 active cases with 2 individuals hospitalized. Overall, there has been a total of 3,438 confirmed positive cases.

As of that report, it was the first time since mid-November that for more than one day the total number of active cases for Randolph County was below 200, with three days in a row.

In Monroe County, health department Administrator John Wagner has reported three deaths since Christmas, with one on Dec. 27, another on Dec. 28 and the third on Jan. 2. The total number of those lost to COVID-19 in Monroe County is up to 59.

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