Clifftop buys White Rock lands

PURCHASED INTEREST IN LANDS–Clifftop recently purchased the Heartlands Conservancy’s interest in the White Rock properties. Pictured is Clifftop President Jared Nobbe presenting HeartLands Conservancy President and CEO Mary Vandevord with $1 for the purchase.

Clifftop and the Southwestern Illinois Resource Conservation and Development (SWIRC&D, now HeartLands Conservancy) purchased the White Rock lands in December 2010. 

The two local nonprofit non-governmental organizations partnered for the project, each bringing unique skill sets to a conservation tool kit. 

Several “first-ever-in-Illinois” innovations followed. Clifftop and the SWIRC&D crafted a joint venture agreement – the first such agreement in Illinois – to seek funding for the purchase, jointly own, hold and steward the tract. 

Included in the agreement was a clause that if either organization chose to transfer their interest in the property, the other organization could purchase for the lofty sum of $1. Clifftop recently completed that purchase and is now the sole owner of White Rock Nature Preserve and White Rock Land and Water Reserve. 

Clifftop greatly appreciates HeartLands Conservancy for being a great partner over the last 10 years.