Big change up on Evansville’s board

SWORN IN–Evansville’s village board had quite a few people sworn in for various positions at their meeting Monday night. Pictured are: Trustee Darren Kempfer, Treasurer Denise Holmes, Trustee Rick Zweigart, Clerk Nancy Schilling, Village President Kenny Kempfer, Trustee Theresa Ovelgoenner and Trustee Craig Valleroy. Not pictured but also on the boardTrustees Pam Brueggemann and Justen Kempfer, who are both in the middle of their four year terms.

THANKED FOR SERVICE–Outgoing Evansville Village President Erwin “Red” Becker took a moment Monday night to recognize Bethany Wunderlich for 10 years of service as village clerk.

Some major changes have taken place with the Evansville Village Board following Monday night’s meeting, leaving virtually a completely new board.

It was at this meeting that the recently elected officials were to be sworn in and appointments made. However, there were a lot of positions to be filled.

In the April 6 consolidated election, Darren Kempfer, a current trustee, was the only one to run for one of the three village trustee positions. And with Kenny Kempfer having been unopposed for village president, that left his current trustee spot open.

But, in addition to three open trustee positions, Village Clerk Bethany Wunderlich had not sought re-election, so her spot also needed to be filled.

To kick off the changing of the board, outgoing Village President Erwin “Red” Becker thanked Wunderlich for her 10 years of service as clerk to the board, presenting her with a plaque. Wunderlich then administered the oath of office to both Kenny Kempfer and Darren Kempfer. Then all of the outgoing board members left.

With just three trustees and himself, Kenny Kempfer started working his way through his list of appointments to fill up the board.

For more from the Evansville Board Meeting, please see this week’s print edition.