Water main break on South Main

HARD AT WORK–Pictured are some of the city utility workers on the scene of Saturday evening’s water main break on South Main Street, working to make repairs.

Lois Mesnarich noted that it started out sounding like a bad storm had rolled in, complete with hail and a downpour, but when she went to her door for a look at the storm, she was surprised by something else.

She discovered that instead of a storm, on Saturday evening, June 12, the water main underneath South Main Street had broken and showered her home with rocks, pieces of concrete and a heavy spray of water.

The spray of water was hitting her house, located in the 300 block of South Main, as well as going up over the house and into the backyard. Some of the rocks that were flung into the air hit and broke Mesnarich’s upstairs storm window, with more debris littering her yard.

For more on the water main break, please see this week’s print edition.