School board divided on new mower

Purchasing a new mower or making due with what they currently have was a big topic of discussion at the March 18 Red Bud Board of Education meeting.

Superintendent Jonathan Tallman prefaced the conversation by noting that the maintenance staff had discussed replacing a mower with him some time ago, but the idea was sidelined due to COVID-19 and cold weather.

He added that the maintenance staff would be willing to continue to make due with what they had, but “it would be wiser to trade in now.”

Director of Buildings and Grounds Gordon Doty then informed the board that the district has two commercial grade Ferris mowers, with one a model year older than the other.

Last year, they spent around $1,700 in various repairs on one of the mowers. Doty added that in looking at the cost of a new one versus continued repairs, trading in for a newer mower would pay back for itself quickly.

He suggested that they trade in/replace the older mower and then the other next year. Doty also suggested that in order to get the most that they can for value, going forward they should trade in mowers whenever they reach around 1,000 hours.

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