Police manual update approved by Evansville Board on Monday night

Numerous issues were discussed and some previous issues settled at Monday night’s Evansville Village Board meeting.

One of the bigger items brought to the board for their approval was that of the police manual code of ordinances update. Police Chief Todd Ehlers noted that back in November he had been directed to amend and update what codes they had for the village’s police department.

He noted that what they had “wasn’t even close” to what it needed to be, so he consulted with the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police and took one of their guides to use as a base for the update.

Ehlers stated that in addition to updates, several chapters deal with the new mandates imposed by the state and use of force policies. As he adapted much of the guide to fit the size of the Evansville Police Department, “the rest fell into place.”

Overall, he put a considerable amount of time into preparing the updated police manual, “I went through it line for line, word for word.” And the result was a sizable document. “It was a process with all the changes and updates,” Ehlers added.

Looking at the size of the update, Trustee Kenny Kempfer stated that the board should table the matter until they can look into it further. “It’s a lot.”

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