Packages found dumped on road

Over the holiday weekend, it was discovered that around 100 packages that were supposed to have been delivered by FedEx were dumped in multiple locations in Randolph County.

The Randolph County Sheriff’s Office reported on May 31 that they had received a call in reference to several packages found on Diamond Cross Road between Ellis Grove and Chester. 

“Further investigation determined that the packages were supposed to be delivered by FedEx,” the initial report stated, adding these packages “never reached their appropriate destination.”

Later that day more packages were found along Lessley Road near Sparta. Then on June 1, additional packages were found on Plum Creek Road outside Sparta.

Chief Deputy Jarrod Peters told the North County Newsthat there were around 41 packages recovered from Diamond Cross Road, 44 from Lessley Road and 10 from Plum Creek Road.

For more on this incident, please see this week’s print edition.