Mohr Plumbing and Heating is celebrating 80 years in business

Helen and Vic Mohr, Jr.

Mohr Plumbing and Heating is most likely one of the oldest businesses in Red Bud as it celebrates 80 years of serving the local community this month.

Leonard Mohr established Mohr Plumbing and Heating in 1941. Using a wheelbarrow for hauling the basic hand tools needed to apply his trade, he would hustle off to the various plumbing tasks throughout the small town of Red Bud. In order to keep up with his growing business, he soon purchased a 1929 Chevy Coupe which he converted into a truck.

In 1946, Leonard’s son, Vic, returned from the Navy and brought his acquired knowledge to the business. Leonard retired in 1972 and he and his wife Dora turned the business over to their son and daughter-in-law, Vic and Trudie Mohr. Mohr Plumbing and Heating was changed to Red Bud Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, and Electrical Contractors, Inc. (Red Bud P.H.C. & E., Inc.)

Vic’s son Vic Jr. started with the business in 1973. He attended MacMurray College and has bachelor degrees in biology and chemistry. He has attended school for refrigeration, heating, and air conditioning, and is a licensed plumber in the state of Illinois. In 1975, Helen, Vic Jr.’s wife, joined the business and assumed bookkeeping responsibilities. 

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