Gorman and Cadd are Hometown Heroes

HOMETOWN HEROS–Banners honoring local veteran Joe Gorman and his grandson Otis Cadd IV are currently on display by the Red Bud VFW Post. Pictured with the banner are: Joe and Shirley Gorman, and Otis and Kristin Cadd with their children Emma and Luke.

A Red Bud man and his grandson were named as Hometown Heroes featured by the Red Bud VFW Post 6632. They are Joe Gorman and Otis L. Cadd IV.

Gorman entered the United States Army on Aug. 3, 1965. He went to AIT at Fort Belvoir, VA for eight weeks.

He was sent to Vietnam in March 1966 for one year. He returned to the United States on March 10, 1967. He was then stationed at the 5th Army Headquarters in Chicago. He was then transferred to Fort Sheridan, IL for the remainder of his service, getting out on Aug. 2, 1967.

Chief Warrant Officer Cadd is currently on active duty with the United States Army. He has been in the service for 11 years.

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