GMWL president Vic Hamer gives updates from Kenya

IN NEED OF CLEAN WATER–Give Me Water Lord is planning two more clean water wells in Kenya in early 2024. Pictured is Maureen and her grandfather out to fetch water. They have to walk two miles to find water that cattle, goats and other wildlife also drink and defecate in.

HELPED BY GMWL–Pictured is Liz, a waitress who the local Give Me Water Lord organization recently helped get dentures so that she no longer had to hide her smile. In addition, the organization presented her with her first Bible.

Local non-profit organization Give Me Water Lord (GMWL) continues its lifesaving missions in Kenya. GMWL President Vic Hamer recently shared an update on the organization’s activities this year.

Kenya has been dealing with an extreme drought, which has killed off lots of livestock and left many people without water or starving.

Hamer noted that this year, GMWL has distributed 41 goats to needy families.

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