Firemen’s Picnic is set to take place in June

The Red Bud Fire Department was very excited last week to make an announcement about this year’s Firemen’s Picnic.

“Plans are being finalized for the Picnic. We are moving forward with all of our normal events,” they stated in a post on their Facebook page on May 21. “We hope to make this the best picnic to date!”

Fire Chief Sean Landgraf confirmed that the fire department has secured all the necessary licenses, as well as carnival rides similar to those from 2019 and music for each night of the picnic.

This year, the picnic will run from June 25-27, with the parade at 4 p.m. on Sunday, June 27.

Musical acts for the picnic this year will be: Throw the Horns on Friday, Bitter Pill on Saturday and Beaucoup Bottom Band on Sunday.