County commissioners approve of PayCourt contract to collect debts

NEW TO RANDOLPH COUNTY–Randolph County Commissioners Marc Kiehna and Ronnie White are pictured with Reed Capps and Carrie Eldridge, who are new University of Illinois Extension employees for the local area, at the Feb. 3 Randolph County Board meeting.

Randolph County will now be utilizing PayCourt to help in collecting unpaid court fees and fines owed to the county.

Randolph County Judge Jeremy Walker discussed the proposed debt collection service and agreement with the county commissioners at their Feb. 3 meeting.

He noted that when he had served as the county’s state’s attorney, he along with Circuit Clerk Julie Carnahan had been talking about getting this service. Walker added that some people have difficulty paying fines, and this ultimately clogs up the court system with “pay or appear” court dates. Then there is the process of trying to track down those that don’t appear.

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