Artwork presented to Trinity Lutheran School

SHARING HER TALENTS–Trinity alumna Cora Worthington recently made and presented the school with a piece of art. She is pictured with the art and some of the school students.

A new piece of artwork is on display at Trinity Lutheran School, compliments of one of the school’s alumni.

Cora (Trask) Worthington, a 2014 graduate of Trinity, recently presented the school with an original piece that she did featuring a trio of mustangs. This piece, like almost all of her work, was done utilizing a stippling style, which is a drawing technique of using pen or ink to create an image using primarily only small dots.

She noted that this piece came about following a recent visit to the school. Worthington had stopped in to visit with her mother, preschool teacher Angie Trask, and ended up talking with Principal Robin Booth about her artwork.

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