Additional COVID deaths reported in local area, some restrictions may be lifted soon

With additional deaths reported over the past week, the total number of people lost to COVID-19 is now at 64 in both Randolph and Monroe Counties.

Randolph County Health Department Administrator Angela Oathout has reported 11 additional deaths since the start of the year, with seven on Jan. 5 and another four on Jan. 11. 

Monroe County Health Department Administrator John Wagner has reported six deaths since the start of the year, with one on Jan. 2, two confirmed on Jan. 6, one on Jan. 9 and two more on Jan. 12.

In her Jan. 11 report, Oathout noted that there were 212 active cases in the county. Overall, there has been a total of 3,609 confirmed positive cases.

Oathout has not included in her reports how many Randolph County residents are hospitalized since Jan. 7. When asked about this, she noted, “The number fluctuates significantly daily. It has become difficult to remain on top of the hospitalization with long term care residents who are admitted to the hospital, any patients the hospitals admit, discharge or transfer each day. These entities don’t report these stats to the health department each day.”

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