Website coming for French Colonial Historic District

Le processus visant à faire de la Prairie du Rocher et du quartier historique colonial français un parc national continue de progresser. (The process to make Prairie du Rocher and the French Colonial Historic District a national park continues to advance.)

The Steering Committee of the Community Foundation of Prairie du Rocher met Saturday to discuss a draft report, specifically designed to help the Congress of the United States establish the Village and the French Colonial Historic District (FCHD) as a national park. The steering committee authored the Strategic Plan for the Prairie du Rocher/Modoc/Edgar Lakes Levee District, released earlier this year. One goal of that plan was to establish the area as a national park.

The group reviewed and approved the new report. The document, for its intended purpose, is a comprehensive, yet succinct story of the historical significance of the village and the FCHD to the development of the United States. The committee also decided to build a website and a social media page specifically focused on the French Colonial Historic District.

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