Voters to decide on gun sanctuary question

How the citizens of Randolph County feel about the Second Amendment and the idea of making the county a “sanctuary county” was a main topic of discussion at the Randolph County Board of Commissioners meeting on July 13.

Commissioner Marc Kiehna noted that they have been asked several times if they would pass a resolution to declare the county as a gun sanctuary county, as many other counties, including Monroe and Perry, have already done.

We didn’t want to do this alone,” Kiehna stated. “We felt the citizens should be involved and will put the question on the ballot to let the citizens decide.”

He continued, noting that he is sensitive to the oath of office that they took and “the county board cannot and should not tell the sheriff what laws to enforce.” Instead, the sheriff should perform his job in his manner.

We want to know what the citizens feel. It’s not our place to just do what Monroe and Perry Counties have done. We are not going to direct Sheriff Wolff to not abide by the law.”

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