Update given on levee situation

LEVEE COVERAGE AREA–For reference, this map shows the area the Prairie du Rocher/Edgar Lakes Levee System encompasses.

Stakeholders in the Prairie du Rocher Levee District recently met to develop a strategy on how to proceed with the ongoing re-certification process of the levee surrounding the community.

Members of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers were present to discuss the 2017 commissioned engineering survey that has recently been completed. This extensive study was paid for with money raised by a variety of fundraising efforts by the community, at an approximate cost of $90,000, and was the first step in determining the next step forward.

In a summarizing document, Corps officials stated, “The Prairie du Rocher and Modoc and Edgar Lakes Levee System has prevented Randolph County communities from flooding during numerous major flood events. However, during recent flood events, uncontrolled seepage has been observed throughout the system and remains a primary concern.” In further discussion regarding under seepage and the use of relief wells as a response, the Corps summarized by saying, “USACE has provided the sponsors with guidance on where and roughly to what extent under seepage remediation is required. Many original relief wells that are no longer providing adequate under seepage relief require replacement. Additional relief wells should be installed throughout the system. Relief wells require continuous maintenance and rehabilitation to assure their effectiveness at controlling seepage. The sponsors are currently working with community leaders to develop a path forward for improving the features to manage the uncontrolled under seepage.”

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