Splash pad question a hot topic for council

A question about a splash pad and recognitions were the biggest topics of discussion at Monday night’s Red Bud City Council meeting.

One of the last items on the agenda for the evening was “question for ballot at November 2018 election.” Alderman Kyle Donjon explained the matter.

He noted that the idea of putting a question on the ballot came out of some discussion, and he wanted to ask residents if they would like the City of Red Bud to have a splash pad. In addition, they could see if residents would be willing to financially support the splash pad.

Donjon added that if they are to get the question on the November ballot, it would need to be submitted by Aug. 20.

When discussing how the city would be able to finance the splash pad, Attorney Paul Ray noted that they could impose up to a one percent sales tax.

City Administrative Assistant Pam Poetker said that they had discussed setting the question on the ballot as a non-binding question, but added that if they didn’t have any financial binding commitment in the question, she felt that all would be in favor of the project. She asked the council how committed they are to the project if there is no funding.

Donjon stated that originally they didn’t want to include a tax, but rather a binding fee, but Ray noted they cannot do that. Donjon asked how the fire department can collect dues. He was told that isn’t a binding due, but rather voluntarily paid.

There are options,” Donjon said as for financing the project. “We need to give people the option to see if they want this.”

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