SJL to hold special German service Dec. 17

St. John’s Lutheran Church has decided to hold a special worship service as a way to commemorate Red Bud celebrating 150 years.

We decided to do a German service,” noted Pastor Mark Nebel, “As that was what they used then.”

He added that both St. John’s Lutheran (which is celebrating 162 years this year) and Trinity Lutheran (which is celebrating 175 years this year), would have been conducting their services in German when Red Bud was founded in 1867.

Nebel noted that the church opted to hold their German service around Christmas time, as the service and songs would be more familiar. “Many will recognize more German than they’d think.”

The German service will be held on Dec. 17 at 3 p.m. It will be a regular worship service, just conducted in German. Nebel will give the liturgy and Dr. Darwin Schrader, of Ruma, will give the sermon.

To help those in attendance, the service’s program will have both German and an English translation printed on it.