School board discussed policy, new math courses

ENTERTAIN THE BOARD–Members of Red Bud High School’s advanced vocal ensemble group sang for the Red Bud School Board at their Dec. 20 meeting. Pictured are: Caitlyn McBride, Jodie Johanning, Kimberly Surdyk and Savannah Morris. Also in the ensemble, but not in attendnace at the meeting is Jesarela Allers.

Changes to the district exclusion date policy, new math classes and the tax levy were all discussed at the Dec. 20 Red Bud Board of Education meeting.

District Nurse Tammy Kueker addressed the board about the changes to the exclusion date policy. Currently, the district’s policy requires that all new students, as well as those going into prekindergarten, kindergarten, sixth and ninth grade must have a physical within the past 12 months and up to date immunizations prior to the first day of school. Failure to do so and provide the proper documentation means that students are excluded from school and school events until the requirements are met.

In the past, Kueker noted that she has worked with parents on getting the requirements completed, allowing students to be at school as long as appointments to fulfill the requirements have been made.

She said that the state says this is too lenient and that deadlines for these requirements must be firm and if students are not in compliance by the set date, they should not be able to be at school.

The state requires the proper physical and/or immunization documents to be turned in by Oct. 15 or earlier if the school districts set an earlier date. Kueker recommended that Red Bud change the policy to Sept. 15 for the deadline, adding that many will bring the paperwork in on the first day of school.

Superintendent Jonathan Tallman agreed, pointing out that the Red Bud School District is one of the only ones to require the paperwork to be turned in by the first day of school; most others have deadlines around Labor Day or of Sept. 15. He added that Sept. 15 is a reasonable deadline.

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