School board bars individual also opts to move forward with bus plan

There were only two items on the agenda for the Red Bud Board of Education’s March 20 special board meeting, but both garnered considerable discussion. The two matters were a public hearing to bar an individual from district property and the direction the district will take with their buses.

In opening the public hearing, Superintendent Jonathan Tallman noted that the board would be making a decision to bar a person from the school district property for up to 12 months. He then turned the discussion over to Red Bud High School Principal Rob Pipher and Assistant Principal Kevin Cartee.

Cartee noted that on Feb. 27, he received an email from a student who wanted to speak with him on a matter. The student, whose name has not been released, told Cartee that a typed, unsigned letter had been left on her car while parked at the school during the day. He described the letter to the board as “very nasty, mean spirited and threatening.”

(The specifics of the note have not been made public.)

Cartee was able to pull the school’s security footage to see who left it on the student’s vehicle. The footage showed that at 11:26 a.m., a vehicle pulled up, an individual placed the note on the student’s vehicle and left.

The Red Bud Police Department was notified of the situation and the note, as well as a copy of the security footage, was turned over to the police.

The individual who left the note on the student’s car was identified as Jodi Allen.

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