Sachtleben gives Randolph County assessment update

Randolph County Supervisor of Assessments Douglas Sachtleben this week reached out with an update on how his office is handling the COVID-19 situation.

He stated, “Following the county lead, we are alternating staff members in the office every other week. This reduces exposure to our staff yet allows us to continue processing and prepare for taxpayer appeals with the board of review.”

In addition, his office is using online software tools and education instead of attending meetings around the state. This also helps keep their expenses down.

Sachtleben noted that assessments will be published in two or three weeks. Last year was a required mailing year, so this year the values will be published in local papers. 

He continued, “Taxpayer appeal meetings with our board of review will most likely be via phone calls to keep all parties safe.” The appeals process through the board of review will occur within the 30 days following the publish date.

For more from Sachtleben, please see this week’s print edition.