Roeslein makes donation to RBHS

DONATED EQUIPMENT–Roeslein recently donated 40 sets of welding equipment to Red Bud High School. Pictured in some of the donated gear is the precision metals I class, industrial arts teacher Jared Piel, Principal Alan Guehne, and Roeslein representatives Mike Umbdenstock and Brian Hanger.

This year, Red Bud High School industrial arts teacher Jared Piel was facing a predicament with his welding classes.

Normally, his students use shared sets of welding equipment (gloves, jackets and helmets), however with the COVID-19 pandemic each student needed their own set this year. Piel said that it would have been very hard for the school to come up with the resources to cover the expense of that many additional sets.

Roeslein, which has a plant here in Red Bud, decided to help out by donating 40 sets of welding gear to the school last week.

For more on this donation, please see this week’s print edition.