ROE partners with banks to provide solar eclipse glasses

When day turns to night on Aug. 21 in Monroe and Randolph Counties, students and staff will be prepared. Monroe-Randolph Regional Superintendent of Schools Kelton Davis partnered with First National Bank of Steeleville and First National Bank of Waterloo to provide solar eclipse glasses to every student and staff member in the public and private schools in both counties.

“The two First National Banks generously supported this unique opportunity as we created and delivered the glasses to the schools,” says Davis.

All of the schools in Monroe and Randolph Counties are in session that day, with the exception of the schools in Chester.

“There are tens of thousands of people expected to be observing the afternoon eclipse in the Chester area that day, which will create traffic issues and prevent timely bus drop-off,” warned Davis.

For more information regarding the solar eclipse, please see this week’s print edition.