Reliable gives out some recycling reminders

Reliable Sanitation Services, which is one of the trash companies providing services in Red Bud, would like to help remind and educate customers what is and is not recyclable.

Timothy Scheibe, president of Reliable Sanitation Service, noted in a letter last week that he has been contacted by Republic Services, Inc. addressing contamination issues in the recyclables.

“Republic Service’s plants are currently running at over a 20 percent contamination from commingled stream recycling,” Scheibe said. “One of the major contamination issues is plastic bags. Republic Services is currently emphasizing the need to eliminate all plastic bags (trash, grocery and bathroom) from the recycling stream. ‘Clean and loose’ are the two words currently used in the recycling industry.”

Schiebe shared additional information about what they can accept in the recycling bins, and added that the website is a great resource to further explain what is acceptable.

That website stressed how damaging plastic bags are to recycling operations.

For more, please see this week’s print edition.