Reduction in judges for April 2 election approved

How to save a considerable amount of money on the April 2 consolidated elections and a question about zoning were discussed at the Feb. 22 Randolph County Board of Commissioners meeting.

County Clerk Melanie Johnson presented the commissioners with a resolution concerning election judges. She was recommending that they have three judges at each precinct instead of five.

This was done previously for the 2018 primary election and saved the county approximately $12,000. And there were no issues at that election by having a reduced number of election judges.

So, the commissioners approved of only having three elections judges per precinct at this year’s consolidated election.

In public comments at the meeting, Rick Fricke asked the commissioners to consider getting rid of the county zoning ordinance.

Fricke claimed that the zoning ordinance stifles people buying property. “It tells people what they can do with their land and I don’t feel it’s right.” He added that he feels zoning goes against the United States Constitution. “The zoning ordinance is an intrusion on the pursuit of happiness.”

In addition, he said that the cost of permits, plus the taxes imposed on people’s properties when they build buildings are “a fine and a sentence as they are fined each year.”

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