Red Bud’s community garden is almost ready for gardeners

COMMUNITY GARDEN–Matt Schaefer, Pam Poetker and Bill Hanebutt are pictured checking out the garden boxes at the community garden last week.

Red Bud’s community garden project is moving along and those interested in participating will soon be able to start their gardens.

City Administrative Assistant Pam Poetker, Alderman Bill Hanebutt and garden volunteer Matt Schaefer recently met with the North County Newsto discuss the project.

The community garden is located in the former tennis courts on Madison Street and features 20 raised beds, each three feet wide and eight feet long.

Matt Schaefer, along with his family – Joyce Schaefer, Luke Schaefer and Cindy Schaefer – recently constructed the boxes. The city will be filling the boxes soon with soil and compost mix.

Thanks to this location, and the height of the garden boxes, the garden is more accessible to those who are disabled or handicapped. 

Individuals, families or groups can get plots in the garden on a first come, first serve basis, to grow produce for themselves.

For more information on the community gardens, please see this week’s print edition.