Red Bud water violated drinking water standards

The Red Bud Water System recently violated a drinking water standard and failed to meet Water Quality Parameter (WQP) Levels.
Although this incident was not an emergency, the city feels customers have a right to know what happened and what was done to correct this situation.
As a result of past copper levels in the water supply above the limit, or “action level,” the system has installed optimal corrosion control treatment. This treatment adjusts the acidity, hardness and/or phosphate levels to prevent copper in the pipes from dissolving in water.
WQP samples taken during the July 2016 through December 2016 monitoring period show that corrosion control treatment is not maintaining orthophosphate at levels required. The City of Red Bud is required to maintain an orthophosphate level of 1.19 to 1.45 mg/L (milligrams per liter) in its drinking water. Because the city had mistakenly understood its lower operating range to be at 1.10 mg/L it exceeded the number of allowable excursions within a six month monitoring period.
For more information, please see this week’s print edition.