Red Bud Veterinary Service owners Ken and Martha Church are retiring

CHANGE IN OWNERSHIP–This January, Ken and Martha Church, owners of Red Bud Veterinary Services will retire. Taking over the business will be: Ryan Jacob, Shannon Melliere and Mike Krebel. Pictured outside the clinic are Jacob with his dog Remmington, Melliere and Ken Church.

After serving the community for well over 30 years, Ken and Martha Church are retiring. The pair own Red Bud Veterinary Services, located at 920 West Market Street in Red Bud.

Ken met with the North County Newsrecently to discuss their retirement and to introduce the new owners for the veterinary office. Taking over the office are Ryan Jacob, Shannon Melliere and Mike Krebel. All of which have extensive veterinary experience.

The Churches came to Red Bud in the spring of 1981 and opened their veterinary clinic. Ken added that Martha is originally from the Prairie du Rocher area and wanted to be closer to home. In addition, there was no veterinary service in the area at the time, so there was a need that they could fulfill.

Their first location is where Miller’s Meat Market is now, but the pair started construction of the current office in late 1984 and moved into it in 1985.

Ken stated that they greatly appreciate how the community welcomed and has supported them all these years. “It’s been enjoyable.” And while they’ll be retiring, the Churches will still be a part of the community and helping out at the office some.

Of the three new owners, Jacob will be the main veterinarian working with Martha at the office. He works with small animals, mostly dogs and cats, but also some small exotics. He has special interest in pet surgery, orthopedics, dermatology and dentistry.

For more on Red Bud Veterinary Services’ change of ownership, please see this week’s print edition.