RBRH will be unaffected by Quorum Health Corporation’s financial restructuring

Quorum Health Corporation, which owns Red Bud Regional Hospital and 22 other community hospitals across the country, on April 7 announced it has entered into a financial restructuring agreement that will protect its employees and ensure its hospitals can continue to care for patients during this uncertain time. 

Red Bud Regional Hospital is unaffected by this restructuring and remains open and available to provide care to patients. Hospital employees will continue to receive their wages and benefits for the work they perform, and patients and families should experience the same care that exists today. 

“This decision comes at a critical time when all hospitals are facing unprecedented challenges related to the coronavirus pandemic,” said Shane Watson, chief executive officer of Red Bud Regional Hospital. “This is an important step toward long-term financial stability and will ensure that our hospital has the resources and cash flow needed to address the COVID-19 crisis and continue caring for patients and the community.” 

For more information, please see this week’s print edition.