RB Planning Commission opts to not allow cannabis businesses

A public hearing was held by the City of Red Bud’s Planning Commission on Tuesday, Nov. 19, and despite the topic concerning the future of cannabis retail businesses in town, virtually no one attended.

Aside from the commission members, the only others in attendance were Mayor Tim Lowry, some city council members and one reporter.

Lowry noted that the matter had been an ongoing topic of discussion for the city council, with the aldermen discussing it over the course of several committee meetings. He added that the council’s concern was that the state legislation concerning legalized cannabis is not completely clear. So they feel the city should initially opt out of allowing any retail businesses and to see how it works, or doesn’t, in other areas first.

“That’s not an iron-clad no,” Lowry said. “We’re going to be objective enough that if something does come along that could be a unique opportunity for Red Bud, we could allow that.”

Police Chief John Brittingham commented on the burden that legalized cannabis would have on his department. “We’re not completely set up for it yet.”

For more from this public hearing, please see this week’s print edition.