RB Council approves of getting new fire truck

At Monday night’s Red Bud City Council meeting, the alderman approved of helping the Red Bud Fire Department in purchasing a new fire truck.

Several firemen were on hand, and First Assistant Fire Chief Sean Landgraf discussed the matter with the council. He noted that they have been working over the past year to get proposals for a new rescue pumper truck. They had five companies give them proposals ranging in cost from $560,000 to $722,000.

The fire department is wanting the truck option that is a similar style to their ladder truck.

This new rescue pumper truck would be a “good all around ‘first out’ truck,” Landgraf stated. It would be used for fires in the city as well as rural fires, and at accident scenes. With it, they would also be replacing two older trucks from the 1980s.

To get the best deal on the truck, the fire department would need to order it before the end of the month and take the option to prepay for the chassis. This would put the total cost at $560,677.

Of that cost, the fire department is asking the city to pay $250,000, the rural fire department to pay $250,000, and they would pay the rest. The payments would be broken into two parts, one on Feb. 1 of this year and one on Feb. 1 next year when the truck should be delivered.

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