Randolph reporting no active COVID-19 cases

For the first time since the end of March, Randolph County was able to report on June 23 that there were no active COVID-19 cases in the county.

In the Randolph County Health Department’s report on June 23, in addition to having no active cases, it was noted that the county’s positivity rate was also down to 9.5 percent.

Overall, the county has had a total of 279 confirmed cases, and of those 272 have been released to resume normal activity and seven had passed.

The first confirmed COVID-19 case in Randolph County was reported on March 27, but was actually a Perry County, MO resident that worked in Chester. By March 31, the total had jumped up to six cases.

While the overall total number of cases has been 279, the highest amount of active cases was reported on May 3. At that time, there were 187 confirmed cases, with 123 active.

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