Randolph Commissioners approve new agreement with CTS

A new contract with CTS was the main topic of conversation at the June 15 Randolph County Board of Commissioners meeting, although a county resident also took a moment to voice support of the proposed solar farm outside of Baldwin.

Peter Hubbard, the county’s IT director, discussed the new phone and VOIP contract with the commissioners. He noted that it is a project to update the phone systems for the health department’s offices in both Sparta and Chester. In addition to updating the phones, this will give the Sparta office increased internet bandwidth that is greatly needed. (The Chester office already has upgraded bandwidth.)

Hubbard noted that there are refresh dollars available to the county which will help pay for the equipment upgrades. And the month to month cost for the phone service would be lower.

Health department employee Yvonne Vieregge told the commissioners that they definitely needed the increased bandwidth at the Sparta office, as their current service was so slow, they were losing productivity and time. “This would allow us to be more efficient,” she noted, as well as pointed out that this would allow them to not have to increase their costs.

Commissioner David Holder added that it is important for the health department to have these upgraded services as they work with health records and are transitioning to digital records.

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