Presentations return to inform public about Christian religion

“It went better than expected last year and we had a great turn out,” Jill Phegley excitedly reported about the series of presentations discussing the Christian religion last year.

Phegley is one of several on a dual-parish stewardship committee formed by members representing St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Evansville and St. John’s Lutheran Church in Ruma. Other members include Nathan Koester and Doris Liefer. 

The committee’s goal is simple, finding ways to draw people back to church, and not necessarily their churches, but to any. 

Last year they decided to try offering a series of six presentations exploring various aspects of the Christian faith. The programs were free and open to all, regardless of what church people attended or even if they didn’t attend church. And it is not just for those of the Lutheran faith, but to all that want to learn more about Christianity.

“We’re doing this to educate,” Koester said. “We want to bring church goers and non-church goers to the church.”

Koester added that the presentations last year were well attended, even with the one on an icy day still drawing in around 20 people. “We felt we were fulfilling a need. And once people came to one, they kept coming. They were hungry for more.”

“We had lots of good feedback,” Phegley added.

For more on these presentations, please see this week’s print editoin.