Movie filming took place Sunday

FILMING IN PROGRESS–Bridget McKnight of Sparta is pictured acting in the role of “Katy the cashier” during filming on Sunday morning at the Red Bud IGA for the upcoming film “Trapped in Schizophrenia.”

People may have been curious what was happening at the Red Bud IGA on Sunday, April 29, as a film crew descended on the store.

Both the parking lot and the inside of the store were being used to film a scenes for the upcoming Arch Films production “Trapped in Schizophrenia.”

The North County News previously reported that the film, which is also filming locally in Smithton, is a psychological thriller where a series of murders take place in a small town. The police then become deeply involved in trying to catch the “sadistic serial killer that suffers from schizophrenia.”

For more about this upcoming film, please see this week’s print edition.