KRPD toured lock dewatering

TOUR THE LOCK–Kaskaskia Regional Port District board members are pictured recently touring the Jerry F. Costello Lock and Dam during the dewatering.

The Kaskaskia Regional Port District toured the dewatering of the Jerry F. Costello Lock and Dam on the Kaskaskia River. The dewatering is a monumental task that is normally scheduled every 10 -15 years. In the 45 years of operation the Jerry F. Costello Lock and Dam has never been dewatered for a thorough inspection.

Courtney Wilson, assistant manager for the Corps, led the KRPD board on a tour that included a totally dewatered chamber. Crews were replacing timbers on the gates. In addition, Wilson informed KRPD of another critical need that has been approved for funding is the repair of the upstream scour. This is a critical repair to insure the integrity of the lock and dam.

KRPD Board Chairman George Obernagel stated, “I am very pleased with the efforts of the Corps to maintain the lock and dam on the Kaskaskia River. This lock is critical to the nation in that it supports two power plants and a host of businesses at terminals on the river.”

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