Honoring Randolph County’s finest

HELD RECEPTION–Pictured are presenters at the Randolph Society’s reception on March 10: Julie Gangloff, Emily Lyons, Lauren Kiehna, Marc Kiehna, Alan Mueth (dressed as Samuel Crozier) and Jane Lucht. This year’s honorees were: Richmond Durfee, Samuel Crozier, Roger Wolff, Nance Legins Costley, Harry L. Hamilton and Dorothy Rabe Ivanuck.

The Randolph Society held their third annual reception on Sunday, March 10, inducting their honorees for 2019.

Randolph Society Foundation Chairman Marc Kiehna welcomed all in attendance and gave a brief history of the group and what they do.

Working with the local Rotary Clubs and the Randolph County Historical Society, they want to honor outstanding people from Randolph County and their achievements. Each year, five people are selected to be honored, and a plaque noting their contributions is added to the honor wall located at the Randolph County Courthouse.

Kiehna added that they try to diversify the selections and are always looking for more people to consider. The only requirement, aside from having lived in Randolph County for at least part of their life, is that they must have been deceased for at least five years.

Information about submitting nominations is available on both the society’s website, www.randolphsociety.org, and their Facebook page.

This year’s honorees were: Richmond Durfee and Samuel Crozier; Roger Wolff; Nance Legins Costley; Harry L. Hamilton; and Dorothy Rabe Ivanuck. 

A society foundation member gave a presentation on each honoree. Family and friends of each that were in attendance were also recognized.

For more from the Randolph Society’s reception, please see this week’s print edition.