“Hidden in Plain Sight” program held at St. John’s Lutheran School

HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT–The “Hidden in Plain Sight” program had a display set up at St. John’s Lutheran School recently. The program helps parents look for clues that their child may be experimenting with drugs. Pictured in the program’s mock teenager bedroom are: Washington County Health Department Administrator Sharon Frederking, Red Bud Police Chief John Brittingham, Gateway Foundation Outreach Coordinator Michelle Bertinetti, Pastor Mark Nebel and Southern Illinois Substance Abuse Alliance Youth Prevention Coordinator Dennis Trask.

Would you know what to look for if your child was doing drugs?

The “Hidden in Plain Sight” program’s goal is to help educate parents on this matter.

The Southern Illinois Substance Abuse Alliance (SISAA) hosted a “Hidden In Plain Sight” demonstration for area parents at St. John’s Lutheran School on Dec. 18. Red Bud Regional Hospital is sponsoring the program with generous financial support.

For the display, Michelle Bertinetti, of the Gateway Foundation, set up a mock teenager’s room at the school and showed parents where their child could be hiding drugs.

The “Hidden in Plain Sight” room provides parents with clues from a teen’s bedroom to help them determine whether their child might be experimenting with or using drugs or alcohol. Room décor, hidden compartments and items to conceal use are located throughout the room.

While some of the items in the room may seem innocent enough on their own, like incense or energy drinks, they can be clues that there may be a bigger issue that needs to be addressed.

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