(Go Musketeers!) The Last Hurrah

FINAL COLUMN–This week the North County News bids farewell to “Talking Sports” writer Stan Wallach. After 40 plus years, he has decided to put down his pen. Thanks, Stan, for your years of dedicated area sports information, highlights, weekly picks, quizzes and more. Your weekly Tuesday drop off of that hand written yellow notebook paper will be missed! Although you’re retiring the pen, we’re sure you’ll never quit “talking sports!”

It all started in 1975 when Mrs. Mohr asked if I would be interested in writing a weekly sports column. I had been turning in bits of info about the Ruma Rockets mens’ fast pitch squad, highlights of action at the Jaycees Ball Diamonds and updates on the progress of the Red Bud Musket Athletic Association. The rest is history.

I’ve appreciated all the nice comments over the years and, oh yes, I’ve aggravated a lot of folks (especially Gibault fans).

It’s time to fade away. A few physical issues have taken their toll and let’s face it, I just don’t get around as many venues as I used to. I’ve had many reliable sources but have found out second hand information can create a little turmoil.

God bless all of you and Go Musketeers, Go Saluki’s and, oh yes, Go Irish! (Only 92 days until Michigan invades South Bend).