Film about local act of kindness now online

FILMED IN RED BUD–Belleville area repo man Jim Ford and Red Bud resident Pat Kipping are pictured being filmed in late September for a short documentary by GoFundMe Studios. The documentary is now available to view online.

It’s been almost a year since Stanford and Pat Kipping received quite the holiday surprise as Belleville repo man Jim Ford took then returned their car a few days later; but so much has happened since then.

In mid-November last year, Ford was sent to repossess the Kippings car. They had fallen behind on payments due to medical costs. Despite the upsetting situation, the Kippings showed Ford nothing but kindness and he felt the need to return the favor.

After trying to negotiate a deal with the bank failing, Ford then set up a GoFundMe account to help the couple not only pay off the car, but some of their other bills. Almost overnight there was enough money donated.

So Ford fixed up the car, had it detailed and returned it to the Kippings just a few days before Thanksgiving. One of Ford’s employees even donated a 20 pound turkey to the cause.

The story of a “repo man with a heart” made national headlines and people from all over the world donated to the GoFundMe account, which is still active and raising money.

Following his act of kindness, Ford stayed in touch with the Kippings, saying they were like family.

Despite Stanford passing away in late March of this year, this touching story was still getting national attention.

In mid-September, GoFundMe sent a crew from their newly created film studio based out of San Francisco, CA, to do a “cinematic, documentary story” about Ford and the Kippings.

The film studio’s goal is to tell stories about successful GoFundMe accounts to encourage people to set up accounts for those in need, as well as to donate to various campaigns.

For more on Ford and the Kippings, please see this week’s print edition.