Evansville trustees discuss camping and police issues

Camping and police again dominated the discussion at the Feb. 11 Evansville Village Board meeting.

In the past, the board had discussed if they should allow camping on the village’s riverfront area, especially during special events. Zoning Administrator/Code Enforcer Mark McConachie first brought up the topic on Monday night when he noted that the zoning board had recently held its quarterly meeting. At that meeting, they had discussed camping and had recommendations for the village board. 

McConachie said that he didn’t have time to write up a proposal to present to the board, but he did submit the zoning board’s recommendations to the village board. He also gave them a copy of Chester’s camping policy. He asked the village board to give the zoning board their suggestions and recommendations to work on the camping policy.

Village President Erwin “Red” Becker noted that there were a lot of changes needed in order to fine tune the policy.

The trustees looked over the presented information and had a few questions.

Trustee Joy Kessler asked about golf carts and UTVs that those camping would use.

It was noted that those would need to be permitted, in a policy similar to what the village has, except these would be temporary permits.

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