Evansville opts to not approve liquor license

Two things were brought up again and at times had heated discussion at Monday night’s Evansville Village Board meeting – approving a seventh Class A liquor license and what to do with a village truck.

The board has been discussing the possibility of crating a seventh Class A liquor license since October when Roz McClure told the board she would like to open a restaurant. This would be located in the former dentist office on Broad Street.

Instead of a Class C1 restaurant liquor license that would allow her to serve beer and wine, McClure wanted a Class A that would allow her to also serve hard liquor. Her plan was to start by opening a tavern with video gambling and then within a year open the restaurant.

The village trustees were unsure if the town needed, or could even support, a seventh tavern. So a hearing was held on the matter to see what the public thought on the matter. Unfortunately, attendance at the hearing was dismal, with only three people in attendance. McClure and her father, Raymond “Buster” Renner, were two of the three.

On Monday night, Village President Erwin “Red” Becker pointed out that there was “little discussion” at the hearing and “no one really said no.” He then asked the board if they should approve a seventh Class A liquor license.

Trustee Pam Brueggemann questioned if they could grant the license on the provision that McClure would have to open the restaurant within a year, but the board did not think that they could legally add any stipulations, just decide to approve or not.

Trustee Nancy Schilling was concerned that if they allowed for a seventh tavern license that McClure’s establishment could turn into just a tavern or if it closed, another tavern could move in.

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