Evansville Board discusses bushes

LIMITED VISIBILITY–At Monday night’s Evansville Village Board meeting, it was noted that there are several locations in town where bushes and hedges have become an issue, limiting visibility for drivers, which could cause accidents. Pictured at the intersection of Broad and Market Streets is one example of bushes in the town that have become problematic.

The Evansville Village Board wasn’t beating around the bushes at their meeting on Monday night when the topic of some unruly hedges in town was brought up.

Zoning Administer/Code Enforcer Mark McConachie pointed out to the board that there are several locations in town where the bushes/hedges are blocking visibility for drivers, as well as covering sidewalks, making sections unusable.

He noted that according to village ordinances, bushes and hedges are not to be on sidewalks, in the village right of ways or within a 30 foot radius from intersections. In addition, the height is limited to 24 inches tall.

McConachie wanted to know if he could tell all the homeowners in violation to make sure to maintain their bushes by trimming them back to meet those requirements.

The problem, he pointed out, was that several residents that have bushes in question on their property claim that the bushes were there before zoning was established and were grandfathered in.

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