Evansville board considers repairs

Repairs were the main topics of discussion at the Jan. 8 Evansville Board meeting.

Village Clerk Beth Wunderlich noted that the furnace at the water plant had gone out, leaving no heat whatsoever in the plant.

She added that Village Superintendent James Braun noted that it would cost $900 for the part to repair the furnace or $1,500 for a new furnace. Wunderlich said that they wanted to order a new furnace as it would come with a warranty.

Village President Erwin “Red” Becker added that the heater in the water plant’s lab also went out last year, but the air conditioner still worked, so that systems was not replaced. He noted that Braun had been making due with two “milk house” style heaters.

A bid to replace the heaters and air conditioner for the lab was already on the evening’s agenda. The board considered the one for $1,604 from Korando Heating and Cooling.

The board agreed that it would be best to replace both the water plant’s furnace and the heating/cooling system in the lab, approving the bid from Korando, with cost for both to not exceed $3,500.

For more from the Evansville Board meeting, please see this week’s print edition.