Evansville asked again to consider liquor license

With one trustee comparing the manner of a business owner on Monday night to that of a young child’s “hissy fit” when they don’t get their way, the Evansville Board again noted that they will not create a seventh Class A liquor license.

While not on that evening’s agenda, the board previously discussed the matter when Roz McClure told them she would like to open a restaurant back in October. She also wanted to have a full bar and video gambling. At the time, the board was unsure of allowing a seventh tavern, how successful it would be, and if McClure would even follow through with her plan of opening a restaurant a full year after opening the proposed bar part.

And as there was considerable discussion by residents and other business owners, a public hearing was held on the prospect of adding a seventh Class A liquor license. Virtually no one showed up.

However, at the village board’s December meeting, the board expressed that they would rather McClure have a restaurant license, which allows for the sale beer and wine, instead. This type of license had always been an option.

McClure, along with her father Raymond “Buster” Renner, had both expressed dismay at that decision, saying that they need the Class A license in order to be successful.

So McClure was back at Monday night’s board meeting, to again ask the board to consider adding a seventh Class A liquor license for her.

For more from the Evansville Board meeting, please see this week’s print edition.