Do Well in Competition

On April 12, the Red Bud High School Math Team went to the Southeastern Missouri State University (SEMO) campus in Cape Girardeau, MO. SEMO has held their Math Field Day competition for the last 40 years, but this is the first time Red Bud has attended and they did fantastic. Over 60 schools were in attendance and Red Bud ended up with 12 awards in total. Third places were earned by: Brendan Harms in word problems and mental math, Alex Sievers in analytical geometry, Landon Hohgrefe in non-routine problem solving, and the trigonometry team made up of Alyssa Heller, Alex Sievers and Brittney Pensoneau. Second places were earned by: Owen Fahey in word problems, Brittney Pensoneau in exponential and logarithmic problems, Alyssa Heller in analytical geometry, and the geometry team made up of Zach Sutton, Ethan Fritsche, Dylan Roscow and Ben Derousse. First places were earned by: Ethan Fritsche in number bases, Dylan Roscow in geometry and Owen Fahey in mental math. The team did spectacular and are planning to attend again next year.