County board approves new phone contract

A contract to upgrade the county’s phone system was approved at the Feb. 7 Randolph County Board of Commissioners meeting.

Kelly Ethington, president of Complete Technology Solutions (CTS), was on hand to discuss the contract with the commissioners. She noted that with the eventual integration to the new E-911 system, an upgrade to the phone system was needed, otherwise there was a potential for service issues. 

Proposed was an Internet Protocol (IP) based Zultys system to replace the current analog system. If the county opted to stay with their analog system, additional equipment would need to be purchased once the E-911 system went online, in order for it to work. The contract was for a five year lease at a cost of $2,936.92 per month.

The commissioners noted that they recently met with the county office holders to get their thoughts about upgrading the system, and all seemed to be in favor.

County Board Chair David Holder added that in addition to integrating with the new E-911 system, this new phone system would provide both phone and data security backup, all rolled into one contract.

For more from the Board of Commissioners meeting, please see this week’s print edition.